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Can mobile users be identified by movement?

Seal Mobile has launched a contest between data scientists on Kaggle to find out. 
Since everyone moves differently and accelerometers are fast becoming ubiquitous, the contest aims to investigate the feasibility of using accelerometer data as a biometric for identifying users of mobile devices.
Seal has collected accelerometer data from several hundred users over a period of several months, using the Quickdraw app published on Googles’s Android PlayStore. The app samples accelerometer data in the background  during normal device operation and posts the data to a central database.
60 million unique samples of accelerometer data are available to contestants for analysis. The data is split into a training set labeled with the device that the sample was collected from, and a test set demarcated into sequences of 300 samples. To compete for the $5000  in prize money, contestants predict the likelihood that a sequence of samples presented in the test set was generated from a declared device. The competition runs until November, 22 2013.
Seal was founded in 2012 to research and provide solutions for enabling unobtrusive authentication of mobile device users.
Kaggle is the leading platform for predictive modeling competitions. With 100,000 data scientists as registered members, Kaggle is the largest and most active data science community on or off the web.

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