Quickdraw runs as a background service on Android devices; it monitors the accelerometer and activates application activities when the user holds his phone in preconfigured positions.


The Quickdraw API allows developers to exploit this capability by registering activities of their applications to be automatically activated by a user's hand movements, even when their app is not currently active.


The Quickdraw API  exposes a simple interface, allowing developers to code activities that extend QuickDrawAPIBase, resulting in the activity being embedded into Quickdraw's menu of actions. This enables launching any feature of your application at the flick of a user’s wrist.


Install Quickdraw here


The license key is available at no charge to developers publishing free apps.

Apply for a free license key to enable the API  here.

Enquire about our licensing terms for paid applications here.


We have created the Motion Light reference application to demonstrate how the API is used

You can download an Eclipse Project file for building the reference Motion Light application here.

Or install the Motion Light app from Play Store.