Quickdraw uses moves between hand held positions to launch apps on your phone.

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Launch Apps with Motion

Seal unveils an application for controlling Android phones with motion.
Oct 2012: Seal Mobile Id releases Quickdraw on Google Play Store - 
Quickdraw is a first of its breed application that allows users to launch any app on a mobile device with motion.
The application recognizes seven unique positions that a device can be held in a user’s hand and allows a user to configure Quickdraw to trigger any app installed on the phone by movement between these positions. The following video clip demonstrates some of Quickdraw’s capabilities:

Quickdraw runs as a background service on Android devices, it monitors accelerometer activity and launches pre-configured activities when motion conditions are met.
Seal offers an API that allows developers to easily activate any of their app’s activities with motion, regardless of the application’s current running state. More information about Quickdraw and the API can be found at quickdraw.seal-id.com.
Seal Mobile Id conducts research and develops applications that exploit ubiquitous motion data from accelerometers on mobile devices for providing intuitive and responsive user interfaces.  More information about Seal can be found at www.seal-id.com.

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